NaDruBloMo Monday

(Okay, so it's technically Tuesday, but when I started drinking it was Monday, so bite me.)

My son bought me some wine tonight (isn't getting older wonderful!?) and I'm finally able to write my NaDruBloMo entry. Whew! I was worried that our current financial problems would keep me from taking part! It's not like me to miss something like this, but being broke is a bitch. As much as I like my wine, it's a non-issue when family need is an issue. (So bite me Wim, Suzi, and all of you who like to gossip about what an alcoholic I am. Plegh! My family will never do without because I like to imbibe in a legal substance once in a while. Besides, you're from Amsterdam and Germany... Like your countries aren't famous for drinking!)


Da Rulz
Please note that the rules that accompany the NaDruBloMo celebration is that you cannot go back and correct your bad handwroter... or compuwroter, or something like that. Therefore, I will not be backspacing over my words to make them perfect for you. Wait.There are norules like that. I just imposed them on myself. What a ass!

In the Cool Beans Category
Nettl got her book in the mail today! You can imagine how jealous I am. I've been trying to get Night Music published for, well, a lot of years (14, but who's counting...). Now, comes along and the love of my like has a book! But I designed the cover, added some content, and did a lot of editing, so good for me too! Tis is like a well-needed cattle prod, to tell the truth, and I'm now working extra-hard to get With A Bullet written and published so that I can have it on my nighttable like she has hers. (See how the soulmate thing works? Sandpaper, baby, gimme some sandpaper!) CongratswNettl! You've worked really, really hard for this and you deserve everything good! You've been an inspiration to me and I love you! And that's not drunken BS.

The Mundane & the (ahem) Sacred
Tonight I spent 1.5 hours in our freestanding antique tub, and it was wunderbar! I lit some candles, put on some music, made a carafe of wine available, and got lost. Ourtub stabnds in a huge bank of windows, and as I looked out at the black tree limbs against the cloudy sky, Istarted thinking about cliches. Well, not any cliche,buttheone aqbout how writers paint with words. I never took that very seriously befrore, but tonight I really experienced it. I looked outat the scene, and instead of seeing shades ofgrey, brish strokes, and all that, words came to me:

The mist hung in the air, clinging to the barren trees like a shroud.

I could never apint that, but I can write it, and let's face it, writing oit takes a lot less time! (And it's free--no pigments, canvases or brushes. Nowonder painters can't afford to drink and are always bumming wine off of writers!)

Sorry about my spacebar issues. A couple of months ago I cleaned my keyboard and a little flibbertygibbit under the space bar broke off. Usually, I futz with it si that you don;t know, but hell, it NaDruBloMo for me tonoght, so sod it.

Did I eveer tell you what a fan Iam of long,of soaks in a tub? Ilike bubbles and candles and all that. Givde me bubbles, baby!

Issues, reprise
It just occurred to me that te younger geberation are not bad spellers... they simply have broken space bars.

Did I ever tell you about the time I met Jimi Hendrix? Yeah, I did. Did I ever tell you about the time I slept with Paul McCartney? No, because I didn't. Jesus, there's a whole universe between those two... Let me tell you about the time... well, no.

Good night!