It Takes Time

I can be such a dough-head, and it's always the little things that reveal this side of my personality. Here I sit late at night, web surfing, futzing around online, and drinking wine. I yawn, and I yawn out loud. Not loudly, but just out loud. Then it occurs to me that I CAN yawn out loud. I mean, other people I've been with were like the bitchy lady in that "ListenUp" commercial (watch the ad here). The poor guy is sitting in bed enjoying a TV show and his wife snaps, "Would you turn that down, please!?"

Yeah, I've lived with her.

How can it take me nearly 10 years to realize that not only am I'm loved and that I can be me, but that I CAN be me? That I can freakin' yawn out loud? I think that if Nettl wanted to change me she would have started a long time ago.

When I think about it, that wasn't a yawn, it was just me exhaling.