Black Friday, But Not What You Think

Joel was ill all day yesterday and couldn't join us at the table for Thanksgiving. This morning he woke up feeling worse, so Nettl drove him to the ER. As soon as he calls, I'll go get him.

This is twice in the space of three months that he's been so sick; not easy for a mom to handle, regardless of a kid's age. You never stop being a parent, do you? My son's autism only exacerbates whatever he comes down with, and I worry...

Despite this, Thanksgiving was nice (everyone missed Joel, though, even the cat) and we all ate too much. After as lean a season as we've had, we felt justified in feasting way too much. After dinner, Nettl, Dr. Kielbasa, Heather and I came upstairs and watched "White Christmas" while fighting off the turkey coma. Later, I couldn't go to sleep and was up until dawn. When I finally dozed off, I was rudely wakenend by the %#@ trash truck with its incessant "beep-beep-beep". After about 30 minutes I was asleep, and remained thus until Nettl woke me to tell me she was taking Joel to the ER.

Plan for the day: Pick up Joel and bring him home, go get a few groceries (no, not food. We need dishwasher detergent, food for Joel, depending on what the doctor says, and probably scrips. Come home, do laundry, and get my blood pressure down.