Free-For-All Friday

1 On Tuesday Dr. E put me on synthetic T3 (Cytomel) for my hypothyroidism, and I already feel the difference. Please, please, never me make me go through that again. With barely two daily doses the depression lifted, my energy returned, and I quit going basically comatose after every meal.

2 I began playing Civilization III last night and I can’t figure out what all the fuss is about. My cities are in constant civil unrest, there are virtually no instructions, and the graphics aren’t even all that great. I guess you have to like war or something.

3 No Get Drunk Friday for me. I’m following Nettl’s low-carb, no sugar, pre-diabetic diet for the next two weeks, but I will be backsliding at her birthday party tomorrow night.

4 Can you waltz? I can, and I love it. I also enjoy a good minuet, although I’ve forgotten the series of steps, or at least the order of them.

5 There’s a certain house I always dream about and when I wake up, I’m always disappointed that it was only a dream. It has secret rooms and secret passageways, is made entirely of wood, and is three storeys tall. I’m probably revealing something about myself to the dream interpretation experts out there.

6 Nettl’s ex purposely left his digital camera here a couple of months ago. I’ve not used it, but I would like to. Problem is, he didn’t leave the software or cords it takes to use it in conjunction with a computer. I wonder if I could buy these things somewhere. Any ideas?


  1. Can’t wait, Morgan and I are going to come over!! See you then!!

  2. So glad you are feeling better. You may think it’s the T3, but I think it was the Chinese buffet we had for lunch the other day.

  3. Hey, what time is this shindiggity?

  4. I wish I wasn’t so far away! :( Be sure to give Lynette a big birthday hug for me!

  5. Ville: I have no idea. I haven’t even thought of it! LOL. 7:00-8:00?

    Athlynne: I wish you lived closer too. You could come to the party!

  6. what kind of camera is it (brand/model #)?

  7. Steph: Make a stick-figure drawing of me and prop me up on the hearth. :)

  8. Micah: HP Photosmart 320

    Athlynne: I’ll raise a glass to you!

  9. Athlynne, we will do for you what we have done in the past for friends who couldn’t make it to parties. We will pour you a glass of wine, and set it near where you would be sitting, and every now and then, who ever passes it will take a drink. I just hope we know how to hold your liquor.

  10. Glad to hear you are feeling better. My doctor is putting me on a prediabetic diet too.

    Yay, I get to start it tomorrow.

  11. Re: CivIII…

    You need more emphasis on circuses. Get a Wonder that acts like opium. There’s a couple.

    Just sayin’.

  12. Athlynne,
    I really wish you could have been here too! Steph really does know how to throw a party! It was great. And thanks so much for the Gutman, Mozart biography. Steph has it, but I never took the time to sit down and read it. Now that I have my own copy it motivated me to read it. Steph always said that it is a great book, one the best Mozart bios out there, and she/he was right. It’s a great book and I’m really enjoying it! I took the time to inscribe it with your name and the date and occasion that you gave it to me. It was certainly an unexpected and lovely surprise.

  13. :) Thank you, Ville and Steph… I’m glad to hear the party was a great success.

    And Lynette, you are most welcome, my dear…


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