Letter to Santa

As soon as the Thanksgiving dishes were washed, my mother used to start poking us to make out our letters to Santa, which actually were no more than small wish lists held to the fridge door with magnets. These were mostly silly, with things like "a Ferrari RX7" or "a house in England" scribbled along with "knee socks" and "a new coat". These days, we have Amazon wish lists, but I admit I miss reading the cute notes my own kids stuck to the fridge door when they were growing up. I've tried to bring this tradition back, but getting people to pick up a pen for any reason is pretty nearly impossible anymore.

This year, I'd decided that I really din't need or want anything, but now that it's Thanksgiving Eve (and regardless of yesterday's post) I'm beginning to feel the ever so tiny awakening of the holiday spirit. Here, then, is my Christmas wish list for 2014.

  1. Knee socks. Yes, I really, really need them. The crazier, the better.
  2. A new battery for my Toshiba laptop.
  3. A new laptop, for that matter!
  4. A big, cozy sweater. BIG. Actually, any man's sweater from Ross will do. Medium.
  5. Union Jack Hunter-Wellies. SERIOUSLY. Size US-7, please (need room for socks!).
  6. ANYthing Union Jack, actually.
  7. Cherry burst Les Paul and a Pignose.
  8. Pillar candles of any sort.
  9. Soaps of any kind. I especially like goat milk or linen/cotton. Nothing flowery.
  10. Teas, teas, teas! Loose or bags, I don't care.
  11. How about a 2014 Jeep Wrangler?
  12. A pair of basic Converse. Size 6.
  13. Any item on my Amazon Wish List.
  14. And yeah, that house, but now I want this one in Spain.


  1. I hope you get at least a few of these. Mostly I wish you joy and peace.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  2. Fairly easy Christmas list, Steph! Love some of those items. Yeah, on the Jeep Wrangler. Or maybe a Suburu Outback or Forester? I want my tiny house in Colorado. Supplies for my tiny house, some really cool kites - that's about all I can think of. Good thoughts coming your way! Glad things have worked out. So happy for you and Nettl being able to be legally married with all the rights that come with that.


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