One Small Time

"One small time," (as my mother told me I used to say when I was a very small child) when I lived in California, I used to be visited every Friday night by my circle of friends (La Boheme) whether I was in the mood or not. This meant a night of drinking and of waking up the next morning to see several bodies strewn around my living room floor.

Of course, the things that irritated us in the past become the stuff of nostalgia when we're older and are no longer living the life we knew. Things we took for granted become the things we most long for. Nearly every Friday evening takes me to that wistful place in myself...

But tonight will be different. Tonight, friends are coming over for a little "no-occasion" get together. Not really a party, it'll be a blue jeans kind of affair with easy munchies instead of "horse douvers" and precious little organization. The only thing I've worked on in preparation is the musical play list, and that hardly counts. Okay, I confess. I hand washed and towel dried all of the wine glasses, something I never had to do back in the day because they were used so frequently.

So whatever you're doing tonight, if you live in the area and know where I live, do pop 'round. You're more than welcome!