An Angel Comes Home

Last Tuesday I was wakened at 7:30 in the morning (7:30!) by Nettl, who knows never to wake me for any reason  (especially on my birthday) when I plan on sleeping late because I've been up all night. Usually, these all-nighters are spent in writing, but this time I'd stayed up farting around online and watching old TNG episodes on Netflix. Man, life gets heart-stoppingly exciting after 60...

My first thought was that someone had dropped by—probably someone from out of town or even out of state. My second thought was the hope that this was going to be worth it. In my stupor I'd completely forgotten it was my birthday. As soon as I sat up, though, I realized what all the fuss was about. From the bed I looked out of the bedroom into the living room and saw my son Micah, his face alight with the biggest grin in the world. He had every reason to smile, for he'd gotten me this:

That, my friends, is the Luna Trinity 12-String guitar I've wanted for about two years, never thinking I'd ever actually get it. I have to admit I cried as I came into the living room and tentatively lifted it into my arms. As Nettl and Micah stood by, I placed my ear to the curve and played a chord, the sonority and resonance of this beautifully-crafted instrument filling my head and heart.

Later that morning I asked it to tell me its name, and it wasn't two hours later that the name Angel came and was confirmed twice by other people. Many people in my life who didn't know me in my younger days aren't aware that my signature sound during those 20+years of performing and recording was the 12-string. I have a pretty big voice and no guitar has ever complemented it like a 12-string. And only a 12-string takes my full-bodied strumming and particular finger picking styles properly. Think Leo Kottke meets Joni Mitchell... The Luna Trinity has a resonant fullness when strummed and beautiful bell-like tone when picked that really work for me. Until now, I never believed I'd find a guitar I love more than my beloved but long-lost Takamine, which was stolen from my home back in 1978. But enough. Here are some pix and specs:

Mother-of-pearl logo and smooth-turning brushed nickel tuners.

Narrow neck and low action insures comfortable playing for smaller hands. Moon phase markers, inlaid in mother-of-pearl, trace the rosewood fretboard over mahogany neck.

Solid sitka spruce top with knot-work sound hole of rosewood and mother-of-pearl, and mahogany back and sides .

The three-pronged triquetra is an ancient Celtic figure that symbolizes the three distinct yet interlocking levels of existence--physical, mental and spiritual--as well as the feminine trinity. The unbroken circle represents eternity.

B-Band pre-amp tuner. Amplifier-ready.

A beautiful, quality guitar designed by a woman for women, but men love Lunas too!
Angel's selfie, taken by Yours Truly.

There are no words to thank you enough, Micah.

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