The Best Laid Plans

In just an hour or so Lynette, Lauren, and Heather will be leaving to drive to Memphis together. Lauren has been spending the summer here and is now moving on to New York City, where she will attend NYU as a grad student. The girls' dad lives in Memphis, so he will be taking her on to New York. The other two will return on Sunday evening...

Anyway, that's my rather clumsy preface for this morning's post, which I fear is going to be rather disappointing. Please bear with me—I haven't been to sleep yet and it's still Thursday to me.

I have great plans for this weekend, though. I'm planning to garden and write in equal doses. We'll see if that actually happens. Not sleeping tonight was not in my plans, and I guarantee you a siesta will be in order by noon.

That's it, really, unless you want me to tell you about the critters we have in our yard this summer: three cats (not counting our Lowrider), a family of raccoons, a baby opossum, and a large number of squirrels. I'm not even going to figure in the spiders we have (the cats keep the birds and mice away). If this is to be my last summer here, it's proving to be one I won't forget.