Life is Good - Time to Breathe

We really are having a lovely summer this year. About once every 10 days or so a small but sufficient rain and thunder storm rolls through, cooling things off and keeping everything green. In the 13 years that I've lived here, I've never seen a summer like this one...
It also cuts down on the water bill, which is a huge relief. Thanks to air conditioning usage, our electric bill soars every summer and watering things only makes it worse because all of our utilities are included in one huge bill. That's called city monopolization, and it sucks. But this year I'm not complaining about anything. It still looks like spring out there and, outside of the mosquito issues, it's absolutely beautiful.

Mozie and Lowrider
We have acquired a small zoo this year. Besides a darling little kitten that I've adopted ("Mozie", there are a pair of young feral cats ("Peepers & Mask"), a teeny weenie grey kitten (which I haven't named), a raccoon and an opossum. Last week we were visited by a huge box turtle, which we fed and watered and sent on his way. Lowrider takes all of this in her stride, figuring that as long as she occupies the highest ledge, lamppost, or table, she's in charge. They all seem to respect her seniority.

Peepers & Mask
Not wishing to become the Crazy Cat Lady on the block, I put out only one pie pan of dry food each morning for them all to share and I feed Van Gogh a bowl of canned food every evening; I'd love to eventually tame and keep him.

Outside of these basic pleasures, not much is happening, which is nice for a change. I'm catching my breath, enjoying my dog, reading, and writing. What more could I ask for? Life is good.