Summer, Again?

It's summer again in Oklahoma. To me, this means a few things...

1 We made it through another spring without being devastated by a tornado. Not everyone did, as you know, but we here in Stillwater are fine, although most of us still carry a heavy heart for our families, friends, and neighbors to the south.

2 It's going to start getting hot. Today it was 90 and any day now we'll be seeing triple digits.

3 It's time to sit on the front porch until three in the morning, which means it's time to start surrounding the porch with citronella candles and lanterns, anti-mosquito plants, and slathering myself with what's left of the Indian anti-mosquito balm bars Deni made for me. I'm down to the last one and I hate to use it up, not only because of the mosquitoes, but because, well, they were the last thing she made for me before she died. I miss her.

4 Of her own volition, Lowrider will be spending her nights outside. In fact, she's already started. And now she has a new friend. She has been adopted by a tuxedo kitten whom I have been feeding. I don't really want another cat, but tuxedos are a different matter. This one looks exactly like my Mozie, who was with me for 16 years. The kitten won't come to me yet, but it has learned that I have the food every morning and evening, so at least it's not running away anymore.

5 Gardening is going to get harder. We got a lot of rain this spring. In fact, we've had some pretty serious flooding, but the red clay here dries out very quickly, so soon, I'll be outside watering everything every evening, fighting off the mosquitoes only to be bitten anyway.

6 It's finally time to paint the front porch floor. How I'm going to keep that kitten off it, I don't know, but since it's going to be in the low 90s for the next two weeks, I think Saturday will be the day. It certainly isn't going to get cooler any time soon.

Have a great weekend!