Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Anti-Nigel Force Field

It's a gold-colored metal puppy fence and it works. He hardly notices the fence and bows, and it saves me a lot of aggravation. Plus, it creates a great looking space for the pressies to come!


  1. That's awesome!

    2 quick things. Today, on Youtube! they are are streaming the Concert for George from 2002 for free. But only today.

    And have you seen the Harrison documentary from HBO yet? I think it's called Living in the Material World. Saw it last week. It was awesome. Made me think of you.


  2. Thanks, Earl. I own both the Concert for George and the Scorsese documentary. Both are fabulous!

  3. Could have used one of these the year we had a puppy. He ate several ornaments off the tree!! Even a couple of glass ones! We were terrified he would have internal bleeding, but God watches over drunks and babies (puppies count as babies!) and there were no repercussions except some sparkly poop! LOL!! Lucky dog!

  4. Beautiful tree! I think the fence adds something to it. It's pretty, anyway. :)

  5. Nice - but it would need to be lot higher to stop Sissi.