I believe I need to invest in one of those Magic 8-Balls. Years ago a friend of mine had one, which she'd named Snodgrass for some reason. We consulted Snodgrass all the time and he was eerily right-on. Or maybe it just seemed like it. Those were the days of legal, organic ecstasy after all, and everything made sense in that New-Agey synchronistic sort of way that made up the bulk of the 1980s in my little corner of southern California...

Anyway, I need one.

My writing projects list is huge and I really don't know which project should be addressed and in what order. The truth is, I like bouncing from one book to another. It keeps things fresh, but the bad thing is that I have a hard time digging in deep. If any of you have an 8-Ball, will you ask it a simple question for me? Just ask, "B, H, or G?" Thanks.