Stage 1 of 5 Completed

Pretending to be a roadie.
Today I complete the first stage of my California Journey, and I have to tell you that everything is going wonderfully. I really couldn't want for anything better. Spending three days at the Ernie's house in Santa Barbara has been everything I could have dreamed. The guys were so sweet to put me in the master wing of their house and they've been the most excellent of hosts. Falling to sleep two nights while listening to Brian practice his sweet, soft saxophone in another room was a heaven I cannot describe, and going with them to their gig in the Ventura Marina on Friday night was just so much fun...

I've met some amazing people too. John and Grace Ferry, the filmmakers who made the guys' rockumentary, Makin' It, came over yesterday bearing red roses and several DVDs on the lives of Henry Miller and Anaïs Nin. I really enjoyed the couple of hours we spent talking. And then there is of course Karen Perry (the band's singer) and her husband Karl. I've been working with Karen on the guys' websites for a number of years now, but we'd never met before. I just loved them both so much. I feel like in the two short, full days I've been here, I've made friends for life with a number of beautiful people.

This morning I have a small load of laundry to do and then I'll be off over the beautiful San Marcos Pass to the faeryland of my childhood. But hey, kids, it's wine country these days and I'm looking forward to sampling a local bottle or two with Jayne Martin! So it's time for me to get on to the next stage.

Will write more later!