85 BPM

Since Badger is inquiring after the state of my pulse, I thought I really should make another entry. I'm sorry I've been so remiss in posting lately. I'm just not sleeping well, the result of which is Thyroidzilla making my day times rather sluggish. Not sleeping soundly and comfortably play hell with the Hashimoto's and it has been years since I've had any consistently good sleep. And then, editing "War and Peace" takes out of me whatever little physical and mental energy I have left...

But other than that (and the OSU accounting department's decided talent for effing up the simplest of transactions) everything around here is just grand. We are full of the Christmas spirit and look forward to starting the holiday just as soon as the geniuses at OSU realize it shouldn't take three weeks to assign a new vendor number and put my check in the mail to me. It's due to arrive on the 20th. Gee, thanks for giving us a whole three days to do our Christmas food and gift shopping. But this is why I mailed the invoice the night after Thanksgiving; I knew they'd fucker up something. Boone Pickens can force hundreds of people from their homes under the Eminent Domain law and build a $165-million football stadium, but I can't seem to get a $1200 invoice paid in a timely manner. And it happens every.bleeding.time.

You see? This is why I haven't been posting. But you know what? Something is about to change. I FEEL it. Can't explain it, but I feel it. I'll let you know.

Anyway, time to get my arse up and do something today. Pulse is fine, but it will be better as soon as I take my "up and at 'em" meds.