Friday Already?

What? I lost a couple of days this week. I know I was here. I have blog entries to prove it, but I just can't believe that it's already the weekend. I think it was Monday and Tuesday that I lost. Oh, well...

Tonight we're going to the annual Chamber Singers Christmas party that is being held at Dr. Lawlor's house. These parties are always nice. They remind me of my days with the symphony in California, except that the people aren't snobby. The best part is that they are attended solely by musicians and I'm able to talk shop, something I sorely miss throughout the year. Because yesterday afternoon and evening were a little rough health-wise, I'm going to lay kind of low today. I wait all year for this party and I refuse to either miss it, or feel like crap while I'm there.

Nettl got a huge box of copies of her book, So Faithful A Heart, delivered yesterdayall copies that people had ordered from herso last night she sat at the table signing them. Go here if you're interested in ordering a copy, or just want to find out more about it.

Now I have to get cracking on mine. This bump on my noggin really set me back...