Dogs Don't Go to Heaven!

Well, the Rapture didn't happen. Not that I'm surprised or anything, but damn! I had plans to be the first in line to loot the local Hobby Lobby. Shit happens, man, and I guess I'll be dealing with the the Born Agains here for a while longer...

Case in point: tonight I saw a woman wearing a sweatshirt upon the front of which was printed, "A blood donor saved my life." Cool, thought I. I've been a regular donor. Then, when she walked past, I saw that on the back of her shirt was some spiel about Jesus' blood saving her from hell. That's what it's like here, times about 40,000.

Anyway, think about this. In the rare chance that the Rapture does happen sometime, what would become of all those pets? I mean, around here, every pick-up with a "Cowboy up for Jesus" sticker on it also has a dog in the back. Here's a site that offers compassionate care for born again dogs that were foolish enough to believe that a life of loyalty and unconditional love would assure them of a place in Doggie Heaven.