Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spring Cleaning the Old Blogstead

It's amazing how much crap (rhetorically speaking) you can find when you go through 10 and a half years of blog posts. Amid the bilge, however, I did manage to find a little cream. I can even be kind of funny when I'm not giving in to despair or self-pity. This is an exercise I recommend to all bloggers. Yes, it takes time and no small amount of chutzpah, but, when you consider your blog might very well outlive you, it's not only therapeutic, it might just be wise...

I haven't deleted posts in which I've cast myself in a less than favorable light though; I have that label called I'm Only Human, after all. What I've done is edit my posts for grammar, overall readability, and relevance. Those which I've deleted altogether were mostly pointless, whiny, unkind, or simply redundant. How many times can you read, "I'm tired of this crap!" before you want to comment, "Then change it!"? Trolls who have accused me in the past of only posting entries that make me look good, or perpetrate a favorable image, obviously have not read this blog enough to make that claim. And even if I do, what's the problem? I also wear makeup and a well-fitted bra when I go out. But then, when did the barmy accusations of internet trolls ever matter anyway? Enough of them, though. They're worth neither the space nor the consideration.

I've merged some labels. Why have both "Health" and "Thyroidzilla"? A lot of those hit the cutting room floor anyway. "Travel" and "Armchair Circumnavigator" were married as well, and so on.

Whilst doing all this spring cleaning, I discovered the following stats:
Okay, so 31 isn't the highest comment count the Web has ever known, but for an unknown, uncelebrated, personal blog, it's all right. A bit underwhelming, but my readers are loyal and lovely and I'm grateful that you come here at all.
*Well, crap. I just went through the comments and discovered Blogger had doubled some of them and attributed the doubles to me, so I deleted those. There's no way I'm going through 3000+ posts again to find out which one got the most comments.