It's a Two Organ Wednesday

Seems like the only place I've spent any real time this past year or so, besides home, is at the hospital. And all of these visits have been for people who are significantly younger than I am: Ville's been in twice, three times... I've lost count, Joel twice and Nettl once. For several days. Today, Ville is going in for an angiogram. On her birthday. An angiogram to be performed on a woman who's turning only 43 today. Needless to say, I'm not happy. I told her this isn't acceptable, but I'm not sure she listened to me. If they find anything in there, they'll perform an angioplasty and keep her overnight, so I'll be at the hospital most of the day, drinking bad coffee out of styrofoam and sending reports to Facebook via my cell phone.

I met her at Hobby Lobby yesterday, where she wanted to get some things for her garden. Before we went to the checkout I told her that for her birthday she could pick out something she wanted. She decided on a metal obelisque-shaped trellis with stained glass suns set into the top.

Meantime, I made a weird discovery last night. I watched a 2000 movie, Almost Famous, on YouTube, and one of the main characters is the lead guitarist in a 60s-70s rock band. His name is Russell Hammond... And can you believe the band's name? Stillwater. Despite this, I absolutely loved the movie and am going to order it. It depicts life on the road in that era pretty well... with a few "cute" liberties. I mean, it's not Cocksucker Blues. But then, aren't we glad?

I'm not sure what to do with this. Do I change Gordon's last name? I don't want to, because there's the ongoing joke about Noel calling him "Organ Man", a joke that carries to the vary last paragraph of the entire trilogy. Shit, I hate this. I tried thinking of another organ name, but can't find it in my heart to rename him Gordon Roland or Gordon Hofrichter. The joke would be too obscure. And Gordon Wurlitzer is right out. No, I'll keep Hammond and risk people saying I was vainly using names from the film to put myself in there. Kind of like when directors do walk-ons in their own films. Stillwater, of all names... And Russell Hammond even kind of reminded me of Gordon in looks and personality. Crap.

Well, Happy Birthday Ville. I love you. For your birthday I hope you come out feeling ten years younger!